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On Jan 15, 2017 we celebrated the 23rd anniversary of “The Brewing Experience”.  A big round of applause to you, and please raise your glass of sparkling wine or beer to congratulate you – our wonderful customers, if not for you, we wouldn’t be here, supplying you with your favourite wine or beer.

The Fisher Family looks forward to offering your family another 23 years of award winning wines and a fun beer crafting experience in a family friendly environment.

We want to say a big thank you for again voting us the best place to make wine and beer on the Peninsula. Thank you too for making us the second largest Craft Wine and Beer making facility in the Lower Mainland. We are humbled and will continue to give you the best customer service, and the best product, in the industry.

We want new customers to know that as members of the RJS Academy, RJS Craft Winemaking guarantees you not only exceptional service and products, but “the ultimate” winemaking experience with “the best and most passionate winemakers”. That would be us!

Our new “CUSTOMER LOYALTY” program awards generous points for each dollar you spend, you can use your points to save on your next purchase or you can save your points for a no charge purchase.

Any new customers who are unsure of where to start, or who need more inspiration as to why craft winemaking is so great (and easy!) please visit the new RJS Craft Winemaking Craft & Cork. The blog showcases all that’s great about the wonderful world of small-batch craft winemaking, topics include everything from wine, food and travel to great tips and ideas about small-batch wine making.

We look forward to seeing you and your family bottling your wine and/or beer in the near future. And, we look forward to serving if you want to buy kits only, and make and bottle your wine at home.

Rob Fisher and the amazing Brewing Experience crew promise you a stomping good time. And great prices. And astonishingly good wine and beer!


Red or White?

12 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon or 12 bottles of Pinot Grigio 

For only $79.95

Ready in 6 weeks, includes bottles, caps, corks and labels


Brew premium quality hand crafted beer styles for much less than liquor store prices


Choose from more than 100 award winning wines, using juice and concentrates from grapes sourced throughout the world’s leading wine regions.

Specialty Wines

Create some extraordinary specialty wines for delectable backyard sipping, or for luxurious indulgences


A wonderful suprise, from us to you, every month

If the thought of making wine intimidates you, don’t let it. It’s simple!
This video demonstrates how easy craft winemaking is at the Brewing Experience.