Brew premium hand crafted beer styles for much less than liquor store prices 


Beer that will please those with a taste for micro-brewed beers…

All of the beers in the BREWMASTER COLLECTION are $155.00 for a full batch or $77.50 for a half batch.

The beers in the PREMIUM COLLECTION are $140.00 for a full batch or $70.00 for a half batch.

Those in the FAVORITES COLLECTION are $125.00 for a full batch or $62.50 for a half batch.

We are adding a new section for our CUSTOMER’S FAVORITE CUSTOM RECIPES, $132.50 for a full batch or $66.25 for a half batch.

Our new CUSTOMER LOYALTY program awards generous points for each dollar you spend, you can use your points to save on your next purchase or you can save your points for a no charge purchase.

All beers are now available in half batches.

One batch of our beer is approximately 48 liters (+/- 5%) or roughly the equivalent of 12 dozen beer.

Any of the recipes can be modified, we are always delighted to help beer connoisseurs develop their own custom beer.

You can bring your own bottles, or buy them from us the first time. We sell 1/2 litre and 1 litre plastic, reusable bottles with screw-on plastic caps.

We also sell cans. Cans are perfectly portable for tailgating and camping, they’re 100% recyclable, and they block sunlight and oxygen better than bottles.



Thanks to you, our beer making customers, our production has increased substantially!

You helped us create the number one destination craft beer making facility in the lower mainland.

Therefore, we are implementing beer bottling procedures to insure your continued satisfaction:


You will be asked to choose a bottling date. Choose a date and time at least 14 days after your order date to bottle your beer.

If you are unsure you can bottle on the date given, you can request an “I will call you date” with a “2 days will call” notice to ensure your beer is filtered and carbonated on your new bottling date.

Unfortunately, we cannot push forward your date – but you can push back your date – we still need the full 14 days to make your beer!

If you are unable make your scheduled bottling date – please call us 48 hours in advance so we do not filter and carbonate your beer.

If a date & time are given and you miss your appointment, we reserve the right to sell the beer after 5 days and give you a new bottling date.

You can still order multi-batch beers with different dates to take advantage of the multi-batch discounts therefore this will follow the “2 days will call” procedure.

Please Help Us Make This Your Most Memorable Experience!



Your beer hates the light. Beer can become light struck and develop off flavors (skunky aroma and taste) in a short order of time.

ALWAYS keep your beer in the dark, even when transporting it!

Keep your beer fizzy by ensuring that the caps are on very tight before storing it!

A cold fridge is best, your beer is food.

Your preservative free beer should be stored in a cold area to extend its optimum taste and clarity. The colder the storage area the longer you will get to enjoy your clear food, OOPS, beer.

Cold beer fridge (40 – 42°F)

Approximately 8 – 12 weeks clarity

Cold dark basement (50 – 55°F)

Approximately 4 – 8 weeks clarity

Warm spot in the hall closet
(68 – 72°F)

Approximately 2 – 8 weeks clarity

Cloudiness is caused naturally by brewers yeast. Cloudy beer is fine to drink.



As a natural food product, your beer contains a minute amount of live brewers yeast in suspension. Over time (the colder – the slower the process) the brewers yeast will secondary ferment in the bottle causing a cloudiness in your brew. This is a natural process and cloudy beer is fine to drink. In fact, brewers yeast contains vitamin B complex which is claimed to diminish the effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol will lower your body’s vitamin B complex levels affecting your brain, nervous system and body fluid levels resulting in what is better known as a ‘hangover’.


Keeping everything clean that comes in contact with your beer is important. When you have emptied your better bottles, rinse both the bottle and caps thoroughly with hot water. This hot water removes any food source for molds and bacteria to grow on. After rinsing store clean bottles with the CAPS OFF.

When you return to THE BREWING EXPERIENCE, to bottle your next batch, you will use the provided sanitizing solution to sanitize your CLEAN BOTTLES AND CAPS.