Craft your wine with the finest juices sourced from the world’s best vineyards

Winemaking has changed dramatically from the past, it is no longer just an inexpensive alternative to store bought wines. Today there are so many fun and delicious reasons to craft your own wine!

We are honored to be part of the RJS Craft Winemaking Academy. It is a network of the best and most passionate winemakers and retailers across the country. RJS Academy stores provide consumers the ultimate retail and on premise winemaking experience.

We use the finest grape juice and concentrates that the world has to offer. We are proud to be working with you to produce a quality wine experience.

To download a .pdf of our complete wine menu, with prices, please click here.
All Prices Include GST & PST, Corks, Shrink Caps and MacDay Labels.

Our new “CUSTOMER LOYALTY” program awards generous points for each dollar you spend, you can use your points to save on your next purchase or you can save your points for a no charge purchase.

You can choose from Four Week Wines, Six Week Wines, Eight Week Wines and RQ LImited Edition Wines. We also sell kits only, to be made in your home.

Our wine kits contain concentrated grape juice, pure grape juice, or a blend of the two. Generally, the kits based on concentrated juice make a lighter flavoured, softer wine that can be consumed soon after bottling. Kits with a high proportion of pure juice take longer to make, require longer aging, and will make a wine that is richer and more flavourful. We ONLY USE Filtered Water.


We can tailor the wine to our customer’s taste. Sugar can be added at bottling time to make a wine off-dry and a little smoother. Or, extra oak can be added for bolder flavours and extra tannin.

We can ‘SPARKLE” any white wine for your champagne needs.

Starting your wine takes just 5 minutes. Then, all you need do is bottle it. After bottling, you can enjoy many of the specialty items right away, most wines will benefit from weeks to months of aging.

Whatever you choose, you will get excellent value for your money!